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Name Fifa 16 Mod 23
Category Sports
Version v18.0.05
Mode Offline
Download Size 2.3 GB
Android OS Android 6+
price Free
Memory capacity (Ram) 3 GB


Download FIFA 16 Mod FIFA 2023 Apk Information DATA disconnected Extreme Group forAndroid.The FIFA 23 profession mode and competition mode  presently works  fully on this game.
As you read further beneath, you’ll get all the data, screen captures, highlights, recordings, establishment methodology, and how to play the game on your phone.


FIFA 16 Moble   

FIFA 16 Mobile was a game developed by EA Sports for mobile  bias including iOS and Android. The game allowed players to  make their own  brigades, customize their accoutrements  and  ensigns, and  contend in  colorful  events and leagues.
The game also introduced new gameplay features  similar as” Passing with Purpose” and” No Touch Dribbling” which made the matches more realistic and engaging. Players could also connectcompete in  colorful leagues and matches, and engage in online multiplayer mode with other players worldwide. Players could also enjoy different game modes like Career Mode, Quick Sim, and Attack Mode. In addition, FIFA 16 Mobile had  bettered  plates, controls, and commentary compared to its  forerunners.
The game was released in September 2015 and was available as a free download on the App Store and Google Play Store.
still, it included in- app purchases to  unleash new players, packs, and other features. The game was  latterly discontinued by EA Sports and is no longer available for download or playing.

FIFA 16 Mod 23   

Fifa 16 Mod 23 Mobile is a modified  interpretation of the popular football game Fifa 16, and it has been  streamlined to include the23  rearmost football clubs and  brigades. This modded  interpretation of the game is developed specifically for mobile  bias,  similar as smartphones and tablets.
The game features all the regular game modes  set up in Fifa 16,  similar as career mode,  event mode,  rearmost 2023 players,  brigades, and leagues. This modded  interpretation of the game comes with advanced  plates and gameplay, as well as new features and settings that make it more engaging and  instigative to play. Some of the notable additions to Fifa 16 Mod 23 Mobile include new player faces,  streamlined  platoon jerseys and  guarantors,  bettered  vitality and  drugs, and the capability to play online with other players from around the world. Overall, if you’re a addict of Fifa 16 and want to  witness new and advanced features,  also Fifa 16 Mod 23 Mobile is  surely worth checking out.


Then are some  further features of the FIFA 16 Mod 23
NEW REAL FACES The mod includes new real faces of several popularplayers including Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Neymar, Kylian Mbappe, Harry Kane, Mohamed Salah, and more.
NEW colosseums The mod includes some new  colosseums  similar as the Stade Parc des tycoons, football players.
NEW colosseums The FIFA 16 Mod 23 includes new  colosseums, including Camp Nou, Santiago Bernabeu, and Anfield.
NEW platoon Accoutrements There are new  platoon accoutrements  for  colorful clubs, as well as  streamlined  public  platoon accoutrements .
INCREASED PLAYER TRANSFER BUDGET The mod increases the player transfer budget in Career Mode, allowing you to buy  further players for your  platoon.
further TRAINING OPTIONS There are  further training options for your players in Career Mode, allowing you to more develop their chops.
NEW TATTOOS The mod includes new tattoos for several popular players, making them look more realistic in the game.
bettered GAMEPLAY The mod provides an overall  enhancement to the gameplay, including better  robustness, smoother movements, and more realistic ball  drugs.
NEW AUDIO TRACKS There are new audio tracks and sound  goods added to the game.  , streamlined PLAYER RATINGS The mod includes  streamlined player conditions, taking into account their performances in recent matches and  events.
NEW thrills There are new  thrills for your players to wear, including those from top brands  similar as Nike and Adidas.  , streamlined outfits The mod includes  streamlined  outfits for all the  brigades, with the  rearmost player transfers and  streamlined player conditions.
 ENHANCED ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE The FIFA 16 Mod 23 includes enhanced artificial intelligence, making the opponents smarter and harder to beat.

videotape Game     


How To Install   

Watch this  videotape to show you how to install and start playing.
Then are the  way to set FIFA 16 Mod 23 on Zarchiver
1. originally, download both FIFA 16 Mod 23 andZarchiver from the internet. You can use a web cybersurfer to search for these  operations.
2. Install both  operations on your device and launch Zarchiver.
3. detect the FIFA 16 Mod 23  train that you have downloaded and selectZarchiver on your Android device.
2. Install Zarchiver on your device and launch it.
3. detect the FIFA 16 Mod 23  train that you downloaded and  elect it.
4. Click on” Extract” and choose a  position on your device where you want the  lines to be  uprooted to” OBB  brochure 📁”.
5. After the  birth, open the  uprooted  brochure and  detect the APK  train.
6. Install the APK  train and  stay for the installation to complete.
7. Once the installation is complete, open the FIFA 16 Mod 23 game, and enjoy playing it on your Android device.
Make sure to have enough  storehouse space on your device before  trying to  prize and install the game. also,  insure that your device meets the  minimal conditions for running FIFA 16 Mod 23.

How To Install Watch This  Video

Download Link   

Download Apk Data commenter you need to download these features below so that the game can work as it should.
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